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School RPG

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School RPG

Post  Admin_Justme1245 on Sat Dec 13, 2008 4:51 pm

Ranks you pick:-

popular- This is called the populars. They are the most wanted in group in school!!!

Jocks- These are the usualy called jocks and or blue school's. They are usualy the boy friends of populars.

Greasers- These are Usualy called greasers and or green school. They are very close to being jocks. They have the cool cars and hair dues to.

Math geeks- These are called geeks,nerds, and or green school. They are the smartest and always make A's in school. Someday you will be working for them!

Preps- These people always love school. They have the most prep then anybody els!

Emo's- These people love life its just they are always sad about somthing.

Golths- These people are not alot like emos at all! They love hard metal music,writing sad poems, and love black.

bullies- These people always make F's they also love beating up nerds and or anybody smaller than them. bounce


Rank: [Pick one from up there^]


Name: Jeff
Rank: Jock
Grade: 8Th
Bio: An awsome guy who loves dating polulars! alien

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Re: School RPG

Post  Admin_Spork on Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:23 am

Name: Austin
Rank: Jock
Grade: 6
Bio: Dating a girl.


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